Welcome to the portfolio of Christina Humpf, Bachelor of Communication Design.

My maxime is: Excellent design starts first in designers head. Thus, good information design communicates in itself, without any further explanation, while at the same time making the whole world a bit simpler. Good preparation is essential for the success of a project and customer satisfaction. Therefore my working field cover all phases of project planning and implementation of such problem, research, analysis, conception and draft, partly realization, presentation and documentation; Both self-employed and/or in a team/agency. I would love to do deepen my working area of texting, consenting, project management, consulting and web design, to get to know better. I am looking forward to your challenge. If you have any questions, or if this portfolio simply appeals to you, or you want to realize a new project with me: please feel free to contact me. It would be a pleasure for sure. Upon request, I send you also current references.